Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Same Results

Well as a die hard Rams fan, I can admit I am glad this season is over. I never thought after last years season that it could get any worse. I was wrong. this years effort is one that I wish to forget quickly. The only positive thing I can think of is that I am not a Detroit Lions fan.

I had a rare privilege to see the Rams live twice this year (I live in Augusta Ga). I was at the game Sunday and at least it was an exciting game. The other game I got to see this year, was against the Cowboys, which was one of the only two Rams victories.

The Falcons did what they needed to do, they ran the ball down the Rams throats. 263 total yards rushing and an astounding 8.2 yards per carry.

Christmas came early for me when I heard that Jay Zygmunt president of football operations and John Shaw Rams president resigned. Bill Devaney was promoted to Shaw's position and "will be responsible for all player personnel decisions, including the draft, free agent acquisitions, trades and other transactions". This was way overdue.

I am excited about the shake up and I am hopeful that the Rams can avoid the same results.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unfamiliar Territory

On Sunday the Rams found themselves in unknown territory. The Rams were actually winning a football game at halftime. What is wrong with this picture?

The Rams racked up 243 yards in the first half and the defense had a field day taking the ball away from Seattle and dominating the half.

The Rams defense held the Seahawks to only 76 yards and seven points in the first half. This is were the Rams have failed all year. The Rams can't put two good half's together if they tried. The second half the Seahawks pounded the Rams for 257 yards and 16 points.

If you were watching the game you got a two-for-one special. It looked like two separate games all rolled into one. Domination and futility.

The Rams are a professional team and should be able to shut the door in games like this. Whether it's the coaching staff, or lack of concentration of the players, the Rams haven't done this all year. It's unfamiliar territory to them.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finding a Way to Lose

This season has been a long one for the Rams. But first of all I want to send
my congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for winning the NFC west. It has
been 33 years since they have won a division title, savor the moment.

The Rams defense played as well as they could against Kurt Warner
and the explosive offense that Arizona possesses.

Warner had only one touchdown and 279 yards passing. He is having a MVP
season and these are low numbers for what he has done so far this season.

The Rams defense actually played well against the run. Not only did the
Rams hold Tim Hightower to under 100 yards rushing, they held the whole
TEAM to only 63 yards in 22 attempts for a 2.9 yard average.

So how did the Rams get beat 34-10? It's broken record time…. turnovers.
Arizona got 14 points off a fumble and a back breaking 99 yard interception
return in the second half. Josh Brown has also been consistent this year,
but he missed a 44 yard attempt late in the first half. That's a 17 point
difference, not to mention the points that should have come from having
the ball on the Cardinals 1 yard line.

Seattle comes to St. Louis this week, It will be interesting to see how
the Rams find a way to lose this one.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Even a Terrible Defense Needs Help

The Rams played Sunday against the Miami Dolphins and lost in St. Louis 16-12.

The Rams defense has been terrible all season and this was another weak performance. The difference is that I can't blame it all on the Rams defense this week.

The Rams defense held the Miami Dolphins to 149 yards rushing and a total of 347 yards. The Dolphins were shooting themselves in the foot all game with 10 penalties for 94 yards. The Rams defense held their offense to very little compared to how the Dolphins have surprised people this year. After going 1-15 last year they have vastly improved to 7-5 this year.

The Rams defense needed help from the Rams offense, but as we've seen all year, when one plays well, the other side of the ball lays an egg.

With the game 10-9 Miami, at the half, the offense could only come up with another three points in the second half. The Rams didn't get into the end zone all day. Marc Bulger was his typical self, throwing three picks in the second half. Thanks for all the help Marc.

The Rams defense was on the field too many times and couldn't get any rest in the second half.

The Rams play the Arizona Cardinals this week and we all know about Kurt Warner and their offense this year. The Cardinals beat the Rams 34-13 in week nine.

The Rams offense will have to show up because even a terrible defense needs some help.

"See you on the hit side #21"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Hapless Rams

I heard one of the networks talking heads,
describing the Rams vs. the Bears this weekend
as "the hapless Rams". I believe he couldn't
be farther from the truth. The definition
of hapless is:

unlucky; luckless; unfortunate.

The Rams that I watch are nothing of the sort.
The Rams just don't have the talent, leadership,
or desire this year. Sunday's game was another
prime example of what I'm saying. Was it unlucky
that Bulger got knocked out. or was it the poor
performance of the offensive line? Was it
unfortunate that Trent Green threw 4 interceptions,
or has he lost the ability to read defenses, or
the wideouts were running the wrong routes? The

Rams have been outscored 123-13 in the first half
of the last 4 games. Matt Forte rushed for 132 yards
and scored twice. The Rams had 14 yards rushing for
the game.

The Rams defense is going through the motions and
as a team, they gave up a long time ago. Hapless
is not the adjective to use to describe the Rams at
this point, but since young people might be reading
this, I will refrain form using the ones I really
believe would do it.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What a disgusting game on Sunday. The Rams
have been playing a little better since they
fired Linehan, but not this past Sunday. The
Rams marched into New York and got thumped by
the N.Y. Jets. That's right, the J-E-T-S,
Jets, Jets, Jets.

Due to other commitments (thankfully), I did
not have a chance to watch this game. Which
turned out for the better, because I'm
sure I would have been looking for a sharp
object. 47-3 was the final.

It was 40-0 at half-time. This is also known
as an ass whooping. The rest of our football
lives, I swear that we will not hear this again,
"It was the largest margin of victory in Jets
history". That is painful to hear.

The Rams story was the same as it's been all year.
The Rams had 5 turnovers, gave up 149 yards rushing
and 3 TD's to Thomas Jones, (that's right Thomas
Jones) and shot themselves in the foot at every

I can't find anything positive at all to work from
looking at this game. We were man handled on
everything we did. This week we have the hated
49'ers. I hope it's not another blowout.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One Week Later

What happened? Since Linehan was fired the Rams have
looked like a new team. Not yesterday, they looked
like the same old Rams.

The Arizona Cardinals marched right down the field
on their first possession. The Rams defense stopped
them short of what was initially ruled a touchdown.
Coach Haslett challenged the call, (good decision on
his part) and it was reversed.

The Rams defense stuffed Kurt Warner on a 4th and one
from the one and the defense looked pumped up.

That didn't last too long. All that happened next
was after the Rams went up 7-0, Arizona put up 24
points in the second quarter. The Cardinals ended
up with 31 unanswered points to take a 31-7
lead into the fourth quarter. By then it was already
over, the Rams couldn't stop them from doing anything.

The Cardinals racked up 510 total yards. Warner threw
for 342 yards and two touchdowns.

Arizona benched Edgerrin James before the game going to
a younger Tim Hightower at running back. Hightower ended
up with 109 yards and a nifty 30 yard touchdown run.

Next week it will be the Jets, Brett Favre should look
like he's 25 against the Rams.

You never really know with this team, because it will
be one week later.

"See You On The Hit Side" #21

One Week Later

What happened? 
Since Linehan was fired the Rams have looked like a new

Not yesterday, they looked like the same old Rams. The Arizona

Cardinals marched right down the field on their first possession. The Rams

defense stopped them short of what was initially ruled a touchdown. Coach

Haslett challenged the call, (good decision on his part) and it was reversed.

The Rams defense stuffed Kurt Warner on a 4th and one from the one and the

defense looked pumped up. That didn't last too long.
All that happened next was after the Rams went up 7-0,  Arizona put up 
24 points in the second quarter. The Cardinals ended up with 31 unanswered 
points to take a 31-7 lead into the fourth quarter. By then it was already over, 
the Rams couldn't stop them from doing anything. 
The Cardinals racked up 510 total yards. Warner threw for 342 and two touchdowns. 
Arizona benched Edgerrin James before the game going to a younger Tim Hightower 
at running back. Hightower ended up with 109 yards and a nifty 30 yard touchdown run. 
Next week it will be the Jets, Brett Favre should look like he's 25 against the

Rams. You never really know with this team, because it will be one week


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Change in the Wind?

What a difference the last three weeks make. The Rams have beat the Redskins, Cowboys and should have beat New England on Sunday in Foxboro.

I had the pleasure of going to see the Rams play the Cowboys. The Rams looked great. They have developed a pass rush and took Marion Barber completely out of the game. I had expected the game to be close to 34-14, but in the Cowboy's favor.

In Sunday's game I was hoping the Rams would have a chance against the Brayless Patriots. It was close for sure.

The Rams played them tough the entire game and unfortunately lost on a Bulger interception with little time left.

With Steven Jackson unable to go with a leg injury, the Rams defense had to try and step up and control the game. The Rams actually had more total yards and held the Patriots to under 400 yards. That is a solid effort.

With their starting and back up running backs the Rams held them to under 100 yards rushing. It's hard for me to remember the last time the Rams held any team to under 100 yards rushing.

You can see that the Rams like to play for Haslett.

Nobody in the NFC West is stepping up to take control of the division. So maybe change is in the wind and the Rams can make a run at it.

"See You On the Hit Side" #21

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Didn't get a chance to post this from last week. Sorry Cromwell's this is from Oct. 13th.

What was that? A Rams win? Yes fellow fans, you woke up this
morning not dreaming it. How did the Rams win? Smoke and
mirrors my friends.

The Rams didn't score an offensive touchdown in their 19-17
win over the Washington Redskins Oct. 13th. It was actually
the defense that stepped up and got lucky to win the game
for the Rams. The Rams only touchdown was on a fluke
passing play. The Redskins Cambell had a pass deflected,
and then caught by one of his own lineman.

The lineman was hit and fumbled the ball and Oshiomogho
Atogwe scooped it up & ran 75 yards for the score. That was
a huge play because Washington was driving. The Rams
still allowed Clinton Portis to run for 129 yards and two

The difference in this game was the Redskins turned the
ball over three times compared to the Rams one
turnover. That will at least put you in the position to win
games that way.

I will be making my annual trip to St. Louis this weekend
to see the Rams play the Cowboys.

It was just announced that the Cowboys starting
quarterback, Tony Romo, broke his finger and will be out
4 weeks.

Maybe the Rams defense will get to his replacement
Brad Johnson.

I hope that since I'm driving 700 miles for the game, that
the Rams can pull off another upset and beat the Cowboys.

You never know, I could start believing in miracles.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Official

The Rams stink.

It's also official that Scott Linehan is gone.
He was fired Monday morning, following another
embarrassing 31-14 loss to the Buffalo Bills, in
St Louis.

Jim Haslett has been named "interim" head coach.

Linehan tried to save his job on Sunday by making
personnel changes, but it was too little, too late.

The only thing Linehan accomplished by doing this,
was to piss the Rams players off. Steven Jackson went
public with his dislike of the benching of Bulger.

Whenever you have players speaking out in the media
against their coach, it's nothing but trouble.

At 11-25 Linehan will go down in Rams history as
the third worst losingest coach.

Under Linehan the Rams have lost 17 of their last
20 games. Folks, this is the bottom of the barrel.

Going into the "bye" week, this is perfect timing
to make this move. Is it the right move? I don't
think so. What has Jim Haslett accomplished as the
Rams defensive coordinator?

In yesterdays game the Rams were up at half-time 14-6.
The Rams were outscore 25-0 in the second half. Nice

Going back to last season the Rams have given up
30 plus points in seven straight games. As a
defensive coordinator, is that acceptable? What
a nightmare.

Yes fans it's official, the Rams stink and the
future doesn't look any better.

"See You On The Hit Side" #21

Monday, September 15, 2008


After two weeks of playing "real" games, the Rams are 0-2.
They look awful.

Against Philadelphia (excuse me for digressing, I was on vacation),
the Rams defense, if you could call it that, gave up 522 total yards.
In this day and age of the NFL that is unheard of.

The Eagles with an aging McNabb, schooled the Rams in every facet
of the game. The biggest one sided stat(besides the yardage and the
SCORE) was the time of possession. The Eagles had it for 35:10 to
the Rams 24:50. Ten minutes in the NFL is a lifetime.

Good teams can score 2-3 times in that period of time. Bad defensive
teams will let them. Yesterday the Rams took on the Superbowl
Champion N.Y. Giants. Repeat week 1. The Rams were blown
out again.

The defense gave up 441 total yards for the game. This is

The Giants rushed for 200 yards against them. When are the
Rams going to learn that you have to stop the run?!

In the first two games the Rams have been outscored 79-16.

I think the Rams defense needs to look themselves in the mirror
and question why they are playing the game. The Rams have a
long and distinguished history, and have had loads of Pro bowl
players. It's time for the Rams as a whole (I'm actually including
the offense) to suck it up and try to play with some pride.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Solid Defense?

As I have stated before, I try not to put too much stock into preseason
games. The Rams won a preseason game Saturday night 24-10 over the
Baltimore Ravens. I admit I did not get to see this game, but there are
some things that stand out for the Rams defense.

First of all let me preface this by noting that the Ravens are not an
offensive powerhouse. The Rams held Baltimore to only 3 points in the
first half. Even if it was first and second string players, this is a
good sign.

Joe Flacco was running the offense for Baltimore all game. He is not
Joe Montana, but the Rams got two sacks on him and limited him to 152
yards passing. I'll take that any game of the season.

Baltimore had only 70 yards rushing for the game. The 3.9 yards per
carry concerns me a little, but anything under 100 yards for a game
is a strong statement.

If the Rams can hold their opponents to 209 total yards throughout the
season, we have a good chance to make the play-offs.

The most glaring stat for the Rams defense was holding Baltimore to
1 out of 13 on third down conversions. That is huge. Keeping your offense
on the field enables the defense to rest and of course better opportunities
for the offense to score.

All in all the Rams played solid defense, let's see what happens in the
final preseason game.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Monday, August 11, 2008

Scratching Heads

The preseason officially opened up for all teams this weekend.
The Rams
opened with the Tennessee Titans and it wasn't pretty.

I try to convince myself every year, that it's not the regular season
and that once the regular season starts, all will be OK.

Looking at the stats it's hard for me to keep trying to convince
myself that
this is the case with the Rams.

Here is the most glaring stat of the game. The Titans rushed for
yards, the Rams had 76 for the game. This is pitiful and
it brings two things
to mind.

First of all, regardless if it is first, second or third stringers
playing, the scheme against the run failed. I would have
hoped that the
Rams coaching staff would have made some
adjustments during the offseason,
to address the problems
against the run, but obviously not.

The Rams only rushing for a measly 76 yards doesn't help
the defense either.
Ball control helps rest the defensive

How about this for an idea: Sign Steven Jackson!

Signing him will help improve both sides for the ball. If the
organization doesn't start using their heads soon, by
December we will all
be scratching our heads.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Hate Crickets

I personally hate this time of year when it comes to football. All you hear about it is what players are doing off the field, and hopefully it is good news.

I hate the fact that the biggest news is how much money the rookies are signing for.

I hate and never watch the NBA, but I admire how they structure their salaries for rookies. I hate the fact that all you hear now is what charity the Rams players are raising money for. Don't get me wrong, I do my fair share of donating to my favorite charity, it is admirable for the players, but is it really football newsworthy?

I hate the fact that I don't get to hear what changes the Rams are planning to make on the defensive side of the ball. I hate that even the most reliable "home town" papers have nothing to write about. I hate it when there is something to write about, and it's about some stupid remark Steven Jackson made about being booed.

I hate the fact that the fans can't get behind the Rams and face a new year.

I hate the fact that it's quiet in football news.

I hate crickets.

"See You On The Hit Side" #21

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Schedule Tells It All

Looking ahead at the Rams schedule, the defense will have some difficult times ahead, or will they?

Week #1 is the Eagles. Depending on McNabb, the biggest test will be their running game.

Week #2 is the Giants. Super bowl champions says it all. The Rams test will come early
this year.

Week #3 the Rams face the Seahawks. The Seahawks seem to have the Rams number
the last few years, and have good balance on offense.

Week #4 the Bills come to town. They are not an offensive team, but the running game
could be dangerous.

Week #5 we get some rest with the bye week.

Week #6 we go to Washington and face the Redskins. The Redskins have virtually
no passing game and will rely on the run.

Week #7 the Rams get the Cowboys at home. The Cowboys have one of the best
offenses in the NFL, this could be a lopsided game.

Week #8 doesn't get any better for the Rams, they go to New England to face the
Patriots. We all know about what Tom Brady and Co. did last year, I see nothing
different this year, this could also be a slaughter.

Week #9 brings the Cardinals to town. With Arizona, you never know what team will
show up.

Week #10 the Rams go and play the Jets. The Jets are not that good offensively, no real
threat running or throwing the ball.

Week #11 at San Francisco. I put them in the same category as the Jets.

Week #12 Da Bears. They kicked the Rams ass on the Rams last appearance on Monday
Night Football, but it was special teams that did it, not the defenses fault.

Week #13 we get the Dolphins. They have one of the worst offenses in the league,
nothing scares me here.

Weeks #14, 15 & 16 we go on the divisional run with Arizona, Seattle & San Francisco again.

Depending on how banged up the Rams are on defense will decide these games.

The Rams finish week #17 with the Falcons. The ghost of Vick still haunts their offense.

Whether the Rams go 10-6 or 4-12, will be decided by how the defense handles each game,
because the schedule tells it all.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Now that a few weeks have passed since the draft, Rams fans can stop patting themselves on the back, and look at the rest of the draft.

Going into the draft, the needs that I saw the Rams having, was anything on the defensive side of the ball and offensive linemen. With the second pick, the Rams took Donnie Avery a wide receiver from Houston. I haven't seen much of Houston play (who has) so we will have to see what this kid has. I hear everyone saying that Holt is getting old and we lost Bruce in the off season, but it was too early for that position.

With the third pick, the Rams took John Greco a offensive tackle from Toledo. Greco was a 4 year starter forthe Rockets and a team captain. That says a lot. Being a graduate of a M.A.C. school, there is a lot of talent hidden in that conference.

With the 4th pick, the Rams took a "project" in Justin King, a cornerback from Penn St. King was a wide receiver who the Lions moved to the defensive side of the ball for the last two years. This pick will show me how good our coachings taff really is, if King will make it in the NFL.

The Rams went back to the offensive side of the ball and traded up for wide receiver Keenan Burton from Kentucky. I actually liked this pick. Burton had nagging injuries his senior year, but was first team all S.E.C. his junior year.

With the next pick, the Rams took offensive lineman Roy Schuening from Oregon State. Again, Schuening started 50 games for them, and was a team captain. I've heard that Steven Jackson made a phone call on his behalf, if that is true, that's a pretty good reference.

With the last two picks, the Rams took 2 linebackers, Chris Chamberlain from Tulsa and David Vobora from Idaho. Special teams here we come.

Time will tell as always with the draft, then we will know if the Rams drafted Stiffs or Studs.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Questions or Answers?

The 2008 NFL draft is now complete. The St. Louis Rams went in with many holes to fill.

Every talking head, expert and writer has now ranked the drafts. Let the debates begin.

Time will tell on how well this years Rams did their homework and drafted their needs. With the 2nd pick overall, the Rams acquired Chris Long, a defensive end out of the University of Virginia. Known as a tenacious pass rusher, Long will be a great compliment to Leonard Little on the front line.

Most experts had the Rams taking Glenn Dorsey the defensive tackle from LSU. I think head coach Scott Linehan and the rest of the Rams organization, did a great job of setting the Dorsey smoke screen.

The Rams last years #1 pick was Adam Carriker from Nebraska. Adam is a multi-talented defensive lineman, that can play defensive end or defensive tackle.

Did anyone notice that Adam has bulked up to 315 lbs.? I believe the Rams asked Adam to start the Krispy Kreme diet, because they knew they were taking Long.

This makes more sense to me than having bookend defensive tackles on the inside of the defensive line. Adam will move to the inside for good and Long will have a long and hopefully successful career next to him.

The Rams balance of the draft was as interesting as their first pick, but I will leave that to discussion at a later date.

With the pick of Chris Long, I believe the Rams have put together a defensive twosome, that we will be hearing about for years to come.

Hmm... years to come, hopefully the questions will be answered.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Draft Again

As always Spring is here. Spring, the sign of new life and new beginnings. Spring the sign of the NFL draft. Hope for all fans that their team will improve and be more competitive.

For the Rams, the draft has been a pattern of mediocrity and frustration. Looking at what the Rams did with free agency, they addressed the offensive side of the ball.

As in the years past, the Rams draft should look at the defensive side of the ball. This year theRams should look more towards quantity not so much as the quality of the pick. In the last few years, the Rams have gone for a defensive lineman. It's been a pattern that Rams fans are getting tired of.

This years draftis no exception. All the draft experts have the Rams taking Dorsey the stud defensive lineman from LSU. Most experts think he is the "real deal". No offense, but the experts said the same about Kennedy, Pinkett and Carriker. Who's left? Well since Adam Carriker is starting his sophomore season, I can't be too judgmental on him yet. The rest? Wasted time and effort. I have to admit that I am a Buckeye fan. With that said, I am partial to Vernon Gholston. I've seen him play almost every game this year and he can get off the ball quickly.

If the Rams would consider to trade down, they would have a possible shot at him and have the opportunity to pick up some additional picks later to fill other needs. One thing is for sure, in less than two weeks we will know what to say about this years draft. We will also know what to say for next years draft. Will it be "ALRIGHT THE DRAFT AGAIN!", or, oh no, it's the draft again.

"See you on the hit side"#21

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a Race I'm Not Liking

Free agency is a strange beast. It's like a horse race. Once the gate opens, the fast ones take off and the rest of the field is trying to catch up. The Rams are no different than other horse race fans. They pick their horses and hope they are there at the finish.

With Jeff Wilkins retiring, theRams needed to look quickly at a kicker and I was pleased with the signing of Josh Brown. He has a good leg and can hit a 50+ field goal to win games.

The second horse out of the shoot, was the signing of Jacob Bell from theTitans. As Rams fans we all realize that we need serious help on the offensive line. This was a great addition for the Rams.

But this is a horserace folks. The rest of the field the Rams have put their money on are old hags that should have been put out to pasture. The Rams signed Trent Green as back up to Bulger. Green is one sneeze away from a concussion that would end him up in the broadcasting booth with Troy Aikman. It was too much money to spend for this horse.

The Rams also signed Anthony Becht from Tampa Bay. Do we really need another tight end? The coaching staff has labeled him as a "blocking" tight end. Give me a break, this is the NFL, you should know how to block by now.

The Rams are quickly watching the horses get away from them. Not one move has been on the defensive side of the ball. Does anyone not remember that the Rams defense has sucked in the last few years? Spend some money on some of those horses.

So far this has been a race that I'm not liking, hopefully there will be a few horses leftf or the Rams to bet on.

"See You On The Hit Side" #21

Friday, February 22, 2008

Change is Good

Usually when teams in the NFL get in a losing
slump, they start to make changes. Nobody is
immune. Coaches, players, even support
personnel are all potential targets. The Rams
were no different, and made some personnel
moves quickly as the season was over.

Mired in a losing funk the last few years,
heads had to roll. With the passing of Georgia
Frontiere, the Rams had to wait to see what
the new owners plans would be.

The Rams fired Willy Robinson their secondary
coach. This was a good move. The Rams have
been weak there for a long time. They also hired
Art Valero as their new running backs coach and
assistant head coach. Art has been in the NFL for
a while and has the experience to back up that

The Rams next move was to hire Steve Loney as
their new offensive line coach. This couldn't hurt.
Maybe Bulger will have some time to throw from
his feat instead, of being on his butt all the time.

The next two hires were huge for the Rams

The Rams hired Al Saunders as their new
offensive coordinator. This is a great hire.
Saunders had previously been with the Rams
and was instrumental in developing the potent
"greatest show on turf" offense under Martz.

The latest piece is the hiring of Bill Devaney
as executive vice president of personnel. I
applaud this hire. Devaney will give the Rams
a fresh new (and younger) look at how players
will be drafted and developed. Devaney will be
in charge of the war room during the draft and
evaluating all free agents.

It's hard to get excited as a fan when it comes
to personnel changes if it is not on the field,
but in this case, I'm happy, and the change
is good.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Friday, February 8, 2008

What a Plan

Who says that defenses don't win championships? The N.Y. Giants defense played impressively and ended up beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

The Giants made a map on how to do it. First, stop the run. The
Giants held the Patriots to 45 total yards rushing. The next step is to put pressure on Tom Brady. You would have had to been on Mars not to know what he accomplished this year.

One of the biggest bragging rights for the Patriots was that he was untouchable. Well, the Giants put pressure on him
all game and it worked. Brady had no time to throw the deep patterns and had to keep everything short. It is hard to hit Randy Moss 40 yards down the field when you are on your butt.

The Giants had 5 sacks, I lost count of knockdowns and hurries. The pressure was relentless, and when Alford blew up
the middle on the last series for the final sack, put a fork in them , they were done.

My hat goes off to the Giants for one game, I've never really
liked them, they showed up and played. The Giants coaching staff came up with a great defensive scheme, and what a plan it was.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Sad State of Things

This week we mourn the passing of Georgia Frontiere, the owner
of the Rams.Georgia passed away on January 18th,after battling
breast cancer, she was 80 years old.

As an female owner of a NFL franchise, Georgia was loved by some,
and didn't get respect from others. The biggest accomplishment in
my opinion that she did, was to move the Rams from Los Angeles
to St. Louis, her home town.

Growing up in Ohio, I had never seen the Rams play at home until
they moved there. An occasional road trip to Cincinnati, or Soldier
Field was about all I could get.

The Rams moving to St. Louis in 1995, has allowed me to see at least
one game every year, including the NFC Championship game in 1999.
For that alone, I will always like Georgia.

I look forward every year for my annual pilgrimage to Lacledes Landing.

She will leave the team to her two children and here is where it gets sticky.
Rumor has it that they cannot afford to keep the team. The other owners of
the team will have a battle on their hands. After the debacle of holding
the citizens hostage for the building of Busch stadium, the chances that
the new owners getting a new stadium are slim. I would not be surprised to
see new ownership come from the west coast and move the Rams back to Los

Personally, I would hate the move, but it might be the only
option. I will still follow my Rams, but I will miss the warmth of the
people in St. Louis, I have made a lot of friends there. Georgia's passing
has left a cloud over the fair city of St. Louis and it is a sad state of
things, that Rams fans are about to endure.