Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Sad State of Things

This week we mourn the passing of Georgia Frontiere, the owner
of the Rams.Georgia passed away on January 18th,after battling
breast cancer, she was 80 years old.

As an female owner of a NFL franchise, Georgia was loved by some,
and didn't get respect from others. The biggest accomplishment in
my opinion that she did, was to move the Rams from Los Angeles
to St. Louis, her home town.

Growing up in Ohio, I had never seen the Rams play at home until
they moved there. An occasional road trip to Cincinnati, or Soldier
Field was about all I could get.

The Rams moving to St. Louis in 1995, has allowed me to see at least
one game every year, including the NFC Championship game in 1999.
For that alone, I will always like Georgia.

I look forward every year for my annual pilgrimage to Lacledes Landing.

She will leave the team to her two children and here is where it gets sticky.
Rumor has it that they cannot afford to keep the team. The other owners of
the team will have a battle on their hands. After the debacle of holding
the citizens hostage for the building of Busch stadium, the chances that
the new owners getting a new stadium are slim. I would not be surprised to
see new ownership come from the west coast and move the Rams back to Los

Personally, I would hate the move, but it might be the only
option. I will still follow my Rams, but I will miss the warmth of the
people in St. Louis, I have made a lot of friends there. Georgia's passing
has left a cloud over the fair city of St. Louis and it is a sad state of
things, that Rams fans are about to endure.