Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Same Results

Well as a die hard Rams fan, I can admit I am glad this season is over. I never thought after last years season that it could get any worse. I was wrong. this years effort is one that I wish to forget quickly. The only positive thing I can think of is that I am not a Detroit Lions fan.

I had a rare privilege to see the Rams live twice this year (I live in Augusta Ga). I was at the game Sunday and at least it was an exciting game. The other game I got to see this year, was against the Cowboys, which was one of the only two Rams victories.

The Falcons did what they needed to do, they ran the ball down the Rams throats. 263 total yards rushing and an astounding 8.2 yards per carry.

Christmas came early for me when I heard that Jay Zygmunt president of football operations and John Shaw Rams president resigned. Bill Devaney was promoted to Shaw's position and "will be responsible for all player personnel decisions, including the draft, free agent acquisitions, trades and other transactions". This was way overdue.

I am excited about the shake up and I am hopeful that the Rams can avoid the same results.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unfamiliar Territory

On Sunday the Rams found themselves in unknown territory. The Rams were actually winning a football game at halftime. What is wrong with this picture?

The Rams racked up 243 yards in the first half and the defense had a field day taking the ball away from Seattle and dominating the half.

The Rams defense held the Seahawks to only 76 yards and seven points in the first half. This is were the Rams have failed all year. The Rams can't put two good half's together if they tried. The second half the Seahawks pounded the Rams for 257 yards and 16 points.

If you were watching the game you got a two-for-one special. It looked like two separate games all rolled into one. Domination and futility.

The Rams are a professional team and should be able to shut the door in games like this. Whether it's the coaching staff, or lack of concentration of the players, the Rams haven't done this all year. It's unfamiliar territory to them.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finding a Way to Lose

This season has been a long one for the Rams. But first of all I want to send
my congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for winning the NFC west. It has
been 33 years since they have won a division title, savor the moment.

The Rams defense played as well as they could against Kurt Warner
and the explosive offense that Arizona possesses.

Warner had only one touchdown and 279 yards passing. He is having a MVP
season and these are low numbers for what he has done so far this season.

The Rams defense actually played well against the run. Not only did the
Rams hold Tim Hightower to under 100 yards rushing, they held the whole
TEAM to only 63 yards in 22 attempts for a 2.9 yard average.

So how did the Rams get beat 34-10? It's broken record time…. turnovers.
Arizona got 14 points off a fumble and a back breaking 99 yard interception
return in the second half. Josh Brown has also been consistent this year,
but he missed a 44 yard attempt late in the first half. That's a 17 point
difference, not to mention the points that should have come from having
the ball on the Cardinals 1 yard line.

Seattle comes to St. Louis this week, It will be interesting to see how
the Rams find a way to lose this one.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Even a Terrible Defense Needs Help

The Rams played Sunday against the Miami Dolphins and lost in St. Louis 16-12.

The Rams defense has been terrible all season and this was another weak performance. The difference is that I can't blame it all on the Rams defense this week.

The Rams defense held the Miami Dolphins to 149 yards rushing and a total of 347 yards. The Dolphins were shooting themselves in the foot all game with 10 penalties for 94 yards. The Rams defense held their offense to very little compared to how the Dolphins have surprised people this year. After going 1-15 last year they have vastly improved to 7-5 this year.

The Rams defense needed help from the Rams offense, but as we've seen all year, when one plays well, the other side of the ball lays an egg.

With the game 10-9 Miami, at the half, the offense could only come up with another three points in the second half. The Rams didn't get into the end zone all day. Marc Bulger was his typical self, throwing three picks in the second half. Thanks for all the help Marc.

The Rams defense was on the field too many times and couldn't get any rest in the second half.

The Rams play the Arizona Cardinals this week and we all know about Kurt Warner and their offense this year. The Cardinals beat the Rams 34-13 in week nine.

The Rams offense will have to show up because even a terrible defense needs some help.

"See you on the hit side #21"