Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Be Redundant

What a difference a week will make. Living in Augusta Ga., I had the opportunity to see the Rams game at my house on Friday night. The Atlanta Falcons visited the Rams in St. Louis and did they make an impression.

During last weeks game against the N.Y. Jets, the Rams defense played a good game. This week against the Falcons, the first team defense didn't even show up. On the Falcons first possession, they ran the ball right down the Rams throats. Michael Turner of the Falcons had 65 yards on seven carries and a touchdown that drive.

After the Rams gave the ball back to them, the Falcons tested their passing game. Their second series consisted of Matt Ryan throwing for 5 of 6 for 69 yards and a touchdown. Two series and the Rams were down 14-0.

The Rams line backing corp was getting caught on the inside. They were shooting gaps that were the wrong ones and enabled Turner to cut off of it and burn them. The secondary wasn't covering well, and Ty Hill got completely turned around on the touchdown pass to Gonzales.

There was a great quote from the Rams head coach last week after the Jets game. "I think it's always the same thing, it goes right back to all the things I've been saying-still be able to run the football, protect the quarterback. I don't want to sound redundant, but stop the run, pressure the passer, special teams".

Go ahead Spags and be redundant, I don't think the Rams defense heard you the first time.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ESPN Again

On Friday night the Rams played the Jets in the first preseason game of the year. Due to family commitments, I was unable to see the game. This is where I, like most of you rely on ESPN for highlights and coverage of our favorite teams to give us insight on what happened.

What did I see? A freakin Mark Sanchez highlight film. I am so tired of the "east coast" and "west coast" mentality that pours from ESPN. It was terrible. Not one highlight of the Rams. No respect again. Do you think you'd see Gado's 77 yard touchdown run, or the rookie Null's winning touchdown? Nada.

I've said before that as a Rams fan, I am used to it. But this was ridiculous. What I read about the game, oh and by the way the Rams WON the game, was the Rams had a decent game. As a team they ran the ball well, get used to that. The Rams had 193 yards on 29 carries for a 6.7 yard per carry, and Steven Jackson only touched the ball twice.

The line did give up four sacks, this will be addressed by the coaching staff for sure. The one statistic that stood out to me, and I know I sound like a broken record, was the Rams defense against the run. The Rams gave up only 102 yards on 28 carries for the Jets. This equals a 3.6 yard per carry average, but two of those rushes equaled 62 yards combined. Take that out of the equation and the Rams defense had a great day against the run.

I wish that I could have seen some of those stats and highlight's on ESPN. But it was ESPN again, giving no respect to the Rams.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reality vs Fantasy

Well, it's here. The Rams of 2009.

This Friday the St. Louis Rams open there season with a preseason game against the New York Jets. I am not a big fan of preseason football. I would like to see 2 games max.

The "real" season starts September 13th when the Rams travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks.

The Rams have an interesting schedule this year. Besides the interdivisional play, the NFC opponents include the Redskins, Packers, Vikings , Lions, Saints and Bears.

The Rams AFC opponents this year are the Jaguars, Colts, Titans and Texans.

At the beginning of any sports season, fans are optimistic on the chances of their favorite team. Rams fans are no different. I am more of a "the glass is half empty" kind of guy. I have heard predictions for the Rams of 8-8 and 9-7 (making the playoffs as a wild card). I can't see it. With a new coaching staff, new offense and defensive strategies, this year will be a learning year for the Rams.

I think in terms of reality. The 8-8 and 9-7 fans are living in a fantasy world. My prediction is 6-10 and another year of not making the playoffs. reality vs. fantasy?

I hope ALL the Rams fans living in the fantasy world prove me wrong.


"See you on the hit side" #21

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Era

A new era has begun for the St. Louis Rams. When the Rams hired new head coach Steve Spagnuolo, many Rams fans thought that was the beginning, but actually the beginning was Thursday.

Last Thursday Rams players started to play. The rookies and QB'S reported with the rest of the team showing up for their first full practice on Friday. All the Rams players showed up, no holdouts.

The whole team along with coach Spagnuolo can focus on one thing, playing football. Coach Spagnuolo has not had time to breathe, let alone look at his players since being hired. I had heard his training camp was going to be much harder than any the veteran Rams players had seen in previous years. He didn't disappoint. He is running two a day's from the get go and full contact practices.

Most players on the Rams (let alone in the NFL), haven't had those since high school. I love it. Some people will argue that it increases the chances of injuries, but so do four preseason games. If you prepare yourself and stay in shape over the off season, you should be ready.

Working this hard, this early in camp, can only pay off in the fourth quarter of games late in the season. The Rams have been coddled too long. The past is now behind them, it's time for a new era, and I'm applauding it.

"See you on the hit side" #21