Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Be Redundant

What a difference a week will make. Living in Augusta Ga., I had the opportunity to see the Rams game at my house on Friday night. The Atlanta Falcons visited the Rams in St. Louis and did they make an impression.

During last weeks game against the N.Y. Jets, the Rams defense played a good game. This week against the Falcons, the first team defense didn't even show up. On the Falcons first possession, they ran the ball right down the Rams throats. Michael Turner of the Falcons had 65 yards on seven carries and a touchdown that drive.

After the Rams gave the ball back to them, the Falcons tested their passing game. Their second series consisted of Matt Ryan throwing for 5 of 6 for 69 yards and a touchdown. Two series and the Rams were down 14-0.

The Rams line backing corp was getting caught on the inside. They were shooting gaps that were the wrong ones and enabled Turner to cut off of it and burn them. The secondary wasn't covering well, and Ty Hill got completely turned around on the touchdown pass to Gonzales.

There was a great quote from the Rams head coach last week after the Jets game. "I think it's always the same thing, it goes right back to all the things I've been saying-still be able to run the football, protect the quarterback. I don't want to sound redundant, but stop the run, pressure the passer, special teams".

Go ahead Spags and be redundant, I don't think the Rams defense heard you the first time.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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