Friday, February 22, 2008

Change is Good

Usually when teams in the NFL get in a losing
slump, they start to make changes. Nobody is
immune. Coaches, players, even support
personnel are all potential targets. The Rams
were no different, and made some personnel
moves quickly as the season was over.

Mired in a losing funk the last few years,
heads had to roll. With the passing of Georgia
Frontiere, the Rams had to wait to see what
the new owners plans would be.

The Rams fired Willy Robinson their secondary
coach. This was a good move. The Rams have
been weak there for a long time. They also hired
Art Valero as their new running backs coach and
assistant head coach. Art has been in the NFL for
a while and has the experience to back up that

The Rams next move was to hire Steve Loney as
their new offensive line coach. This couldn't hurt.
Maybe Bulger will have some time to throw from
his feat instead, of being on his butt all the time.

The next two hires were huge for the Rams

The Rams hired Al Saunders as their new
offensive coordinator. This is a great hire.
Saunders had previously been with the Rams
and was instrumental in developing the potent
"greatest show on turf" offense under Martz.

The latest piece is the hiring of Bill Devaney
as executive vice president of personnel. I
applaud this hire. Devaney will give the Rams
a fresh new (and younger) look at how players
will be drafted and developed. Devaney will be
in charge of the war room during the draft and
evaluating all free agents.

It's hard to get excited as a fan when it comes
to personnel changes if it is not on the field,
but in this case, I'm happy, and the change
is good.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Friday, February 8, 2008

What a Plan

Who says that defenses don't win championships? The N.Y. Giants defense played impressively and ended up beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

The Giants made a map on how to do it. First, stop the run. The
Giants held the Patriots to 45 total yards rushing. The next step is to put pressure on Tom Brady. You would have had to been on Mars not to know what he accomplished this year.

One of the biggest bragging rights for the Patriots was that he was untouchable. Well, the Giants put pressure on him
all game and it worked. Brady had no time to throw the deep patterns and had to keep everything short. It is hard to hit Randy Moss 40 yards down the field when you are on your butt.

The Giants had 5 sacks, I lost count of knockdowns and hurries. The pressure was relentless, and when Alford blew up
the middle on the last series for the final sack, put a fork in them , they were done.

My hat goes off to the Giants for one game, I've never really
liked them, they showed up and played. The Giants coaching staff came up with a great defensive scheme, and what a plan it was.

"See you on the hit side" #21