Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a Race I'm Not Liking

Free agency is a strange beast. It's like a horse race. Once the gate opens, the fast ones take off and the rest of the field is trying to catch up. The Rams are no different than other horse race fans. They pick their horses and hope they are there at the finish.

With Jeff Wilkins retiring, theRams needed to look quickly at a kicker and I was pleased with the signing of Josh Brown. He has a good leg and can hit a 50+ field goal to win games.

The second horse out of the shoot, was the signing of Jacob Bell from theTitans. As Rams fans we all realize that we need serious help on the offensive line. This was a great addition for the Rams.

But this is a horserace folks. The rest of the field the Rams have put their money on are old hags that should have been put out to pasture. The Rams signed Trent Green as back up to Bulger. Green is one sneeze away from a concussion that would end him up in the broadcasting booth with Troy Aikman. It was too much money to spend for this horse.

The Rams also signed Anthony Becht from Tampa Bay. Do we really need another tight end? The coaching staff has labeled him as a "blocking" tight end. Give me a break, this is the NFL, you should know how to block by now.

The Rams are quickly watching the horses get away from them. Not one move has been on the defensive side of the ball. Does anyone not remember that the Rams defense has sucked in the last few years? Spend some money on some of those horses.

So far this has been a race that I'm not liking, hopefully there will be a few horses leftf or the Rams to bet on.

"See You On The Hit Side" #21