Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No Word From the Corner

Nothing to report this issue from Cromwell's Corner. Guess he's waiting for training camp.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Draft is Over

There is nothing like the weekend of the draft. For the next week afterwards, fans have a chance to dissect what their teams did, did they improve their chances or were they lethargic and stayed the course of status quo?

After about the second week after the draft, all you hear are crickets. Nothing. Nada. This is the worst time of the year for football fans.

As Rams fans, we hear the things that the players are doing in the community, and what elementary school or hospital they went to visit. Crickets.

Entering the last part of Spring we get to hear things start getting a little louder. Organized 'team' activities begin. Rookie mini camp. New players learning plays and finding where the bathrooms are at the workout facilities.

It's getting a little louder. The veteran players report for mini camp. Now there is some noise. This eases us into the summer, to the arrival of full workouts. Now the noise is cranking and we have something to talk about.

I am glad the draft is over, it's time to go to work.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Draft

There are a few ways a fan can look at the NFL draft. It can depend on how your team did the year before, the age of your team, the ability to pull the trigger on trades, the maneuvers your team made during the off season and your actual 'needs'.

As I sat and watched the record long draft, I realized again that the Rams never get any respect. All the talking heads were concerned about was where Quinn was going, or if the last player that was drafted was a habitual drug addict or criminal. I guess that is their job, but how many highlights do I need to see of players already drafted on day 1 when it is day 2?

With that being said, let's look at what the Rams did that weekend especially on the defensive side. I knew it was not going to be a 'flashy' draft for the Rams this year. Most experts graded them as a 2 out of 5 or a 'c-'. I totally disagree.

The Rams finished next to last against the run last year and had to try and fix that. It was the priority of the off season and the draft. Round one set the tone. I was very happy with the choice of Adam Carriker. He can play any position on the defensive line, has the size 6'6" 308 to clog the middle and has the speed to bull rush up the gut. I liked the 3rd pick of Jonathan Wade. He is the same size as Tye Hill from last year, but that doesn't concern me, he has the speed! Hill and Wade ran track against each other in high school, so I think the competition will help both players in camp.

With the Rams trading away their 5th round picks for offseason acquisitions, it was good to see them make a trade and get them back. In the later rounds the Rams drafted Clifton Ryan and Keith Jackson Jr. Ryan has the size, 6'2" 310lbs. and Jackson is 6' 292, only a half dozen Big Macs away from 300 lbs. Both are quick off the ball and can handle the inside positions. With the offensive selections of Brian Leonard (Rb Rutgers) , Dustin Frye (C/G Clemson), Ken Shackleford (T Georgia) and Derek Stanley ( WR Wis.-Whitewater) The Rams had completed their draft for 2007.

As I said it wasn't flashy, but I liked it because they drafted what they 'needed'.

"See you on the hit side' #21

Randy Riffle