Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jeff Fisher is the Man

After a pitiful football season where Rams fans saw their beloved team finish at 2-14, Rams fans can see a silver lining. The Rams will officially introduce Jeff Fisher at 2:00 EST on Tuesday 1-17-12. I am very glad to see this move.

Nothing against Spags this year, he was hamstrung. The Rams were devastated by injuries all year, a head coach can’t control that. I felt a little sorry for Spags. The Rams organization had to make a change and they were quick to do it. 

Fisher brings a ton of experience to the Rams organization. He has been an assistant coach under Buddy Ryan, Bill Walsh and of course the Los Angeles Rams own John Robinson. Fisher was the Rams defensive coordinator in 1991. He spent 16 years as head coach of the Tennessee Titans. 16 years as a head coach of any team in the NFL is remarkable. 

He probably (like I do) still has some blue and gold (and in my case blue and white) L.A. gear in his closet. 

I think this is a great move for the Rams. He is a defensive minded coach, but he has a knack for the offensive side of the ball too. Remember, the Rams played the Titans in their only Super Bowl win. One of the best Super Bowls ever. 

As part of his hiring, Fisher is rumored to have full control of players and personnel moves. I say let him have it. We’ll find out more Tuesday afternoon, because at 2:00 pm, Rams fans will find out that Jeff Fisher is the man.