Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well this is starting to get real depressing. The Rams played the Cowboys on Sunday. I guess that’s what you have to call it. I was hoping that the Rams had started to turn the corner and at least be a .500 team this year, but I am wrong. 

The Rams defense was awful this last week. I’ve seen some great running backs in my lifetime. Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Jim Brown and Eric Dickerson. Barry Sanders is the best I’ve seen, but that is an argument for another day. The Cowboys have had their share of great running backs over the years too. Emmit Smith is an all time great as is Tony Dorsett and Herschel Walker. I’ve watched a few games where those guys blew up the Rams defense. On Sunday a rookie running back for the Cowboys blew up the Rams defense. DeMarco Murray torched the Rams for 253 yards on 25 carries. He set an all time Cowboy record with the most rushing yards in a game. A rookie took the record away from Emmit Smith who owned it at 237 yards? He also broke Jim Brown’s record of the most yards against the Rams since 1957. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. 

Tony Romo was only 14-24 for 166 yards. He didn’t have to throw, because we couldn’t stop the run. The Cowboys ran for 294 yards as a team. In the NFL today, that is amazing. The Rams have the worst run defense in the league giving up 163 yards a game. The Rams have New Orleans this weekend. I don’t think the Saints will run close to 300 yards against the Rams defense, but I can see them throwing for 500 yards against them. Drew Brees was 31 of 35 for 325 yards and FIVE touchdowns in their 62-7 win over the Colts. It’s not looking any better for the Rams. 

All I hope is that the Rams don’t leave me speechless again.  

“See You On The Hit Side” #21  

Monday, October 3, 2011

What's Going On?

Another NFL Sunday and another loss by the Rams. This is becoming all too familiar. 

The Rams hosted the Redskins on Sunday in the dome. The outcome was the same as the first 3 games of the season, a loss. Looking at the game, it is a pattern that is starting to worry me, not so much on the defense side as the offensive side of the ball. The Rams “D” only gave up 17 points. On a positive note, the Rams defense held Washington to 339 totals yards. Rex Grossman had a day just like he was supposed to. He was 15 of 29 for 143 yards 1 TD and two picks. The Rams “D” had trouble again against the run. They allowed 196 yards on 40 carries.

 It was obvious what the Redskins wanted to do, the Rams just couldn’t stop them. The Redskins had a big edge in time of possession, 35:10 to 24:50.  That is a lot of time for the defense to be on the field. This wasn’t the Rams defensive fault. The Rams offense was non-existent for the first 3 quarters. Bradford was less than stellar, but in his defense, he was under a lot of pressure. 

The Rams didn’t sack Grossman once, but the Redskins got to Bradford for SEVEN sacks. Kudos to their defense. 

The Rams have their bye week coming up. It couldn’t come at a better time if you ask me. Maybe some rest and re-evaluation will do them some good. It couldn’t hurt. Hopefully they will come out in two weeks refreshed and ready to go, and hopefully they will know what’s going on.

“See You On The Hit Side” #21