Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will There Be Football on Sundays?

It seems like months have gone by since the NFL draft. Although the draft was just weeks ago, the excitement has worn off. Usually during this time of the year,  NFL fans are following rookie signings, trades and free agency. Not now. There is nothing to follow. The only news NFL fans are hearing is lawyer speak. 

With the NFL players being locked out by the owners, the news in the NFL is a trickle of what it should be. Lawyers on both sides get to go on TV and hear themselves crow. The biggest news this week is that Peyton Manning had minor neck surgery. 

As a Ram fan, I could care less.  The billionaire owners and millionaire players need to get this thing done. Put your ego's aside and start to get this resolved. There are rumors that college football has made a contingency plan to have some of their games on Sunday's. It's a smart move on their part. It would generate a lot of money for the schools involved and take money out of the NFL's pocket. 

That would be fine by me, I guess there would be football on Sundays.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Watching the 2011 NFL draft, I had my ideas and hopes of what the Rams would do. With Julio Jones gone the Rams picked Robert Quinn defensive end out of North Carolina. I liked this pick. With no standout receivers sitting there, Spags turned to defense. Quinn is a speed rusher and will make a good bookend to Long on the other side. He has good size, but he's known for his speed. 

The Rams then used their second round pick to take TE Lance Kendricks from Wisconsin. I was confused by this pick. I know that the Rams are trying to get some help for Bradford, but this is a wait and see pick for me. The Rams then took WR's  Austin Pettis and Greg Salas in the third and fourth rounds respectively. Both are not from your typical "BIG" schools, but that doesn't bother me. 

Pettis is the all time leader in receptions and touchdowns at Boise State. Salas had 285 career receptions at Hawaii, which is third there all time and tied for 15th in NCAA history. Both might not be from "BIG" schools, but they have big time production.

 In the fifth round the Rams took Jermale Hines a safety from Ohio State University. I have to admit I am a Buckeye. I watched them almost every game this year and this guy can hit. With the last remaining picks, the Rams stuck to defense by taking Mikail Baker DB from Baylor, Jabara Williams OLB from Stephen F. Austin and Jonathan Nelson a DB from Oklahoma U. If these guys make the team, they are most likely to play special teams. The Rams need help there too. 

Time will tell how the draft class of 2011 will turn out, but it was an interesting draft.