Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Change in the Wind?

What a difference the last three weeks make. The Rams have beat the Redskins, Cowboys and should have beat New England on Sunday in Foxboro.

I had the pleasure of going to see the Rams play the Cowboys. The Rams looked great. They have developed a pass rush and took Marion Barber completely out of the game. I had expected the game to be close to 34-14, but in the Cowboy's favor.

In Sunday's game I was hoping the Rams would have a chance against the Brayless Patriots. It was close for sure.

The Rams played them tough the entire game and unfortunately lost on a Bulger interception with little time left.

With Steven Jackson unable to go with a leg injury, the Rams defense had to try and step up and control the game. The Rams actually had more total yards and held the Patriots to under 400 yards. That is a solid effort.

With their starting and back up running backs the Rams held them to under 100 yards rushing. It's hard for me to remember the last time the Rams held any team to under 100 yards rushing.

You can see that the Rams like to play for Haslett.

Nobody in the NFC West is stepping up to take control of the division. So maybe change is in the wind and the Rams can make a run at it.

"See You On the Hit Side" #21

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Didn't get a chance to post this from last week. Sorry Cromwell's Corner....so this is from Oct. 13th.

What was that? A Rams win? Yes fellow fans, you woke up this
morning not dreaming it. How did the Rams win? Smoke and
mirrors my friends.

The Rams didn't score an offensive touchdown in their 19-17
win over the Washington Redskins Oct. 13th. It was actually
the defense that stepped up and got lucky to win the game
for the Rams. The Rams only touchdown was on a fluke
passing play. The Redskins Cambell had a pass deflected,
and then caught by one of his own lineman.

The lineman was hit and fumbled the ball and Oshiomogho
Atogwe scooped it up & ran 75 yards for the score. That was
a huge play because Washington was driving. The Rams
still allowed Clinton Portis to run for 129 yards and two

The difference in this game was the Redskins turned the
ball over three times compared to the Rams one
turnover. That will at least put you in the position to win
games that way.

I will be making my annual trip to St. Louis this weekend
to see the Rams play the Cowboys.

It was just announced that the Cowboys starting
quarterback, Tony Romo, broke his finger and will be out
4 weeks.

Maybe the Rams defense will get to his replacement
Brad Johnson.

I hope that since I'm driving 700 miles for the game, that
the Rams can pull off another upset and beat the Cowboys.

You never know, I could start believing in miracles.

"See you on the hit side" #21