Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Farewell & Good Luck

This last week has been heart wrenching for Rams fans. On March 10th, the Rams released offensive tackle Orlando Pace. On March 13th, the Rams released wide receiver Torry Holt.

These two players have been mainstays for the Rams over the last 12 and 10 years respectfully. In this day and age of salary caps, it didn't surprise me that these moves were made.

As one Rams official stated, the release of Pace freed up enough money for their entire April draft. Pure economics. Growing up in Ohio, I am still to this day a die hard Ohio State Buckeye fan. I had the pleasure of watching a lot of Orlando play in college and was absolutely thrilled when the Rams drafted him.

Torry Holt was one of the best weapons for the "greatest show on turf". Henry Ellard has always been my all time favorite wide receiver, with Isaac Bruce running a close second and Torry sitting in the third spot.

I'm sure he will be missed in the clubhouse. Both were leaders on and off the field. I wish to say thanks to both of them, farewell and good luck.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's a Start

Well the free agency window is officially open. At midnight on last Thursday, the NFL opened the free agency season and teams went shopping.

Prior to that, the Rams released some veteran players to free up some dollars under the salary cap. The Rams released QB Trent Green and WR Drew Bennett. Trent was one sneeze away from a career ending concussion, and Bennett was an injury riddled bust from the get go. With a few extra dollars in hand, the Rams offered Guard Rich Incognito and defensive lineman Victor Adeyanju one year deals. If another team tries to get them, the Rams would have a chance to match the offer, or they get draft pick compensation, if they sign with another team. Some people think Incognito is a head case, but ask what Steven Jackson thinks about him and I could care less.

The Rams have made two moves in rebuilding their team. This past weekend the Rams signed center Jason Brown from the Baltimore Ravens. At 6'3" and 320 lbs. he is a presence that will have an immediate impact on the Rams running game. Just like with Incognito, ask Steven Jackson what he thinks of this acquisition.

The Rams also locked up their cornerback Ron Bartell to a four year deal. Bartell had a decent year last year, we will see if he can build upon what he learned. The Rams are still shopping for other players. It's a start what they have done so far, let's see how they finish.

"See you on the hit side" #21