Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Questions or Answers?

The 2008 NFL draft is now complete. The St. Louis Rams went in with many holes to fill.

Every talking head, expert and writer has now ranked the drafts. Let the debates begin.

Time will tell on how well this years Rams did their homework and drafted their needs. With the 2nd pick overall, the Rams acquired Chris Long, a defensive end out of the University of Virginia. Known as a tenacious pass rusher, Long will be a great compliment to Leonard Little on the front line.

Most experts had the Rams taking Glenn Dorsey the defensive tackle from LSU. I think head coach Scott Linehan and the rest of the Rams organization, did a great job of setting the Dorsey smoke screen.

The Rams last years #1 pick was Adam Carriker from Nebraska. Adam is a multi-talented defensive lineman, that can play defensive end or defensive tackle.

Did anyone notice that Adam has bulked up to 315 lbs.? I believe the Rams asked Adam to start the Krispy Kreme diet, because they knew they were taking Long.

This makes more sense to me than having bookend defensive tackles on the inside of the defensive line. Adam will move to the inside for good and Long will have a long and hopefully successful career next to him.

The Rams balance of the draft was as interesting as their first pick, but I will leave that to discussion at a later date.

With the pick of Chris Long, I believe the Rams have put together a defensive twosome, that we will be hearing about for years to come.

Hmm... years to come, hopefully the questions will be answered.

"See you on the hit side" #21

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Draft Again

As always Spring is here. Spring, the sign of new life and new beginnings. Spring the sign of the NFL draft. Hope for all fans that their team will improve and be more competitive.

For the Rams, the draft has been a pattern of mediocrity and frustration. Looking at what the Rams did with free agency, they addressed the offensive side of the ball.

As in the years past, the Rams draft should look at the defensive side of the ball. This year theRams should look more towards quantity not so much as the quality of the pick. In the last few years, the Rams have gone for a defensive lineman. It's been a pattern that Rams fans are getting tired of.

This years draftis no exception. All the draft experts have the Rams taking Dorsey the stud defensive lineman from LSU. Most experts think he is the "real deal". No offense, but the experts said the same about Kennedy, Pinkett and Carriker. Who's left? Well since Adam Carriker is starting his sophomore season, I can't be too judgmental on him yet. The rest? Wasted time and effort. I have to admit that I am a Buckeye fan. With that said, I am partial to Vernon Gholston. I've seen him play almost every game this year and he can get off the ball quickly.

If the Rams would consider to trade down, they would have a possible shot at him and have the opportunity to pick up some additional picks later to fill other needs. One thing is for sure, in less than two weeks we will know what to say about this years draft. We will also know what to say for next years draft. Will it be "ALRIGHT THE DRAFT AGAIN!", or, oh no, it's the draft again.

"See you on the hit side"#21