Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Draft Again

As always Spring is here. Spring, the sign of new life and new beginnings. Spring the sign of the NFL draft. Hope for all fans that their team will improve and be more competitive.

For the Rams, the draft has been a pattern of mediocrity and frustration. Looking at what the Rams did with free agency, they addressed the offensive side of the ball.

As in the years past, the Rams draft should look at the defensive side of the ball. This year theRams should look more towards quantity not so much as the quality of the pick. In the last few years, the Rams have gone for a defensive lineman. It's been a pattern that Rams fans are getting tired of.

This years draftis no exception. All the draft experts have the Rams taking Dorsey the stud defensive lineman from LSU. Most experts think he is the "real deal". No offense, but the experts said the same about Kennedy, Pinkett and Carriker. Who's left? Well since Adam Carriker is starting his sophomore season, I can't be too judgmental on him yet. The rest? Wasted time and effort. I have to admit that I am a Buckeye fan. With that said, I am partial to Vernon Gholston. I've seen him play almost every game this year and he can get off the ball quickly.

If the Rams would consider to trade down, they would have a possible shot at him and have the opportunity to pick up some additional picks later to fill other needs. One thing is for sure, in less than two weeks we will know what to say about this years draft. We will also know what to say for next years draft. Will it be "ALRIGHT THE DRAFT AGAIN!", or, oh no, it's the draft again.

"See you on the hit side"#21

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