Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will There Be Football on Sundays?

It seems like months have gone by since the NFL draft. Although the draft was just weeks ago, the excitement has worn off. Usually during this time of the year,  NFL fans are following rookie signings, trades and free agency. Not now. There is nothing to follow. The only news NFL fans are hearing is lawyer speak. 

With the NFL players being locked out by the owners, the news in the NFL is a trickle of what it should be. Lawyers on both sides get to go on TV and hear themselves crow. The biggest news this week is that Peyton Manning had minor neck surgery. 

As a Ram fan, I could care less.  The billionaire owners and millionaire players need to get this thing done. Put your ego's aside and start to get this resolved. There are rumors that college football has made a contingency plan to have some of their games on Sunday's. It's a smart move on their part. It would generate a lot of money for the schools involved and take money out of the NFL's pocket. 

That would be fine by me, I guess there would be football on Sundays.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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