Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Even a Terrible Defense Needs Help

The Rams played Sunday against the Miami Dolphins and lost in St. Louis 16-12.

The Rams defense has been terrible all season and this was another weak performance. The difference is that I can't blame it all on the Rams defense this week.

The Rams defense held the Miami Dolphins to 149 yards rushing and a total of 347 yards. The Dolphins were shooting themselves in the foot all game with 10 penalties for 94 yards. The Rams defense held their offense to very little compared to how the Dolphins have surprised people this year. After going 1-15 last year they have vastly improved to 7-5 this year.

The Rams defense needed help from the Rams offense, but as we've seen all year, when one plays well, the other side of the ball lays an egg.

With the game 10-9 Miami, at the half, the offense could only come up with another three points in the second half. The Rams didn't get into the end zone all day. Marc Bulger was his typical self, throwing three picks in the second half. Thanks for all the help Marc.

The Rams defense was on the field too many times and couldn't get any rest in the second half.

The Rams play the Arizona Cardinals this week and we all know about Kurt Warner and their offense this year. The Cardinals beat the Rams 34-13 in week nine.

The Rams offense will have to show up because even a terrible defense needs some help.

"See you on the hit side #21"

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