Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Hapless Rams

I heard one of the networks talking heads,
describing the Rams vs. the Bears this weekend
as "the hapless Rams". I believe he couldn't
be farther from the truth. The definition
of hapless is:

unlucky; luckless; unfortunate.

The Rams that I watch are nothing of the sort.
The Rams just don't have the talent, leadership,
or desire this year. Sunday's game was another
prime example of what I'm saying. Was it unlucky
that Bulger got knocked out. or was it the poor
performance of the offensive line? Was it
unfortunate that Trent Green threw 4 interceptions,
or has he lost the ability to read defenses, or
the wideouts were running the wrong routes? The

Rams have been outscored 123-13 in the first half
of the last 4 games. Matt Forte rushed for 132 yards
and scored twice. The Rams had 14 yards rushing for
the game.

The Rams defense is going through the motions and
as a team, they gave up a long time ago. Hapless
is not the adjective to use to describe the Rams at
this point, but since young people might be reading
this, I will refrain form using the ones I really
believe would do it.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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