Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What a disgusting game on Sunday. The Rams
have been playing a little better since they
fired Linehan, but not this past Sunday. The
Rams marched into New York and got thumped by
the N.Y. Jets. That's right, the J-E-T-S,
Jets, Jets, Jets.

Due to other commitments (thankfully), I did
not have a chance to watch this game. Which
turned out for the better, because I'm
sure I would have been looking for a sharp
object. 47-3 was the final.

It was 40-0 at half-time. This is also known
as an ass whooping. The rest of our football
lives, I swear that we will not hear this again,
"It was the largest margin of victory in Jets
history". That is painful to hear.

The Rams story was the same as it's been all year.
The Rams had 5 turnovers, gave up 149 yards rushing
and 3 TD's to Thomas Jones, (that's right Thomas
Jones) and shot themselves in the foot at every

I can't find anything positive at all to work from
looking at this game. We were man handled on
everything we did. This week we have the hated
49'ers. I hope it's not another blowout.

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