Monday, September 15, 2008


After two weeks of playing "real" games, the Rams are 0-2.
They look awful.

Against Philadelphia (excuse me for digressing, I was on vacation),
the Rams defense, if you could call it that, gave up 522 total yards.
In this day and age of the NFL that is unheard of.

The Eagles with an aging McNabb, schooled the Rams in every facet
of the game. The biggest one sided stat(besides the yardage and the
SCORE) was the time of possession. The Eagles had it for 35:10 to
the Rams 24:50. Ten minutes in the NFL is a lifetime.

Good teams can score 2-3 times in that period of time. Bad defensive
teams will let them. Yesterday the Rams took on the Superbowl
Champion N.Y. Giants. Repeat week 1. The Rams were blown
out again.

The defense gave up 441 total yards for the game. This is

The Giants rushed for 200 yards against them. When are the
Rams going to learn that you have to stop the run?!

In the first two games the Rams have been outscored 79-16.

I think the Rams defense needs to look themselves in the mirror
and question why they are playing the game. The Rams have a
long and distinguished history, and have had loads of Pro bowl
players. It's time for the Rams as a whole (I'm actually including
the offense) to suck it up and try to play with some pride.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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