Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Now that a few weeks have passed since the draft, Rams fans can stop patting themselves on the back, and look at the rest of the draft.

Going into the draft, the needs that I saw the Rams having, was anything on the defensive side of the ball and offensive linemen. With the second pick, the Rams took Donnie Avery a wide receiver from Houston. I haven't seen much of Houston play (who has) so we will have to see what this kid has. I hear everyone saying that Holt is getting old and we lost Bruce in the off season, but it was too early for that position.

With the third pick, the Rams took John Greco a offensive tackle from Toledo. Greco was a 4 year starter forthe Rockets and a team captain. That says a lot. Being a graduate of a M.A.C. school, there is a lot of talent hidden in that conference.

With the 4th pick, the Rams took a "project" in Justin King, a cornerback from Penn St. King was a wide receiver who the Lions moved to the defensive side of the ball for the last two years. This pick will show me how good our coachings taff really is, if King will make it in the NFL.

The Rams went back to the offensive side of the ball and traded up for wide receiver Keenan Burton from Kentucky. I actually liked this pick. Burton had nagging injuries his senior year, but was first team all S.E.C. his junior year.

With the next pick, the Rams took offensive lineman Roy Schuening from Oregon State. Again, Schuening started 50 games for them, and was a team captain. I've heard that Steven Jackson made a phone call on his behalf, if that is true, that's a pretty good reference.

With the last two picks, the Rams took 2 linebackers, Chris Chamberlain from Tulsa and David Vobora from Idaho. Special teams here we come.

Time will tell as always with the draft, then we will know if the Rams drafted Stiffs or Studs.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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