Monday, August 11, 2008

Scratching Heads

The preseason officially opened up for all teams this weekend.
The Rams
opened with the Tennessee Titans and it wasn't pretty.

I try to convince myself every year, that it's not the regular season
and that once the regular season starts, all will be OK.

Looking at the stats it's hard for me to keep trying to convince
myself that
this is the case with the Rams.

Here is the most glaring stat of the game. The Titans rushed for
yards, the Rams had 76 for the game. This is pitiful and
it brings two things
to mind.

First of all, regardless if it is first, second or third stringers
playing, the scheme against the run failed. I would have
hoped that the
Rams coaching staff would have made some
adjustments during the offseason,
to address the problems
against the run, but obviously not.

The Rams only rushing for a measly 76 yards doesn't help
the defense either.
Ball control helps rest the defensive

How about this for an idea: Sign Steven Jackson!

Signing him will help improve both sides for the ball. If the
organization doesn't start using their heads soon, by
December we will all
be scratching our heads.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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