Thursday, October 4, 2007


I think on Sunday I would have rather been at the dentist getting my gums
scraped than watching the Rams vs. Dallas game. What a painful experience.

The Rams didn't post on either side of the ball. The Rams "D' has had some
bright spots in the beginning of the season, but not that day. Watching the
first quarter, I felt that the Rams had a shot at staying in the game. One
play erased that concept immediately. On a third and three play the Dallas
center snaps the ball over Romo's head. Romo ends up kicking it farther
backwards. Did he fall on the ball? No, he picks it up and starts running. 33
yards later he gets a first down.

Where was the defense?

Can't you sense that something strange is going on when a single play
lasts 45 seconds?

At that time, the score was 7-7. After that play, Dallas scored and went on to
put up 28 unanswered points.

The Rams 'D' gave up 502 total yards. They allowed 171 yards on the ground
with an average of 5.2 yards a carry. They allowed 331 yards passing and 3
touchdown passes.

I will be traveling 16 hours this weekend to go to St. Louis to see the Rams
and Cardinals play. Me and my buddies will be staying on the "Landing", partying
and having a large time on Saturday and then the Rams game on Sunday.
I'm not sure which day will be more brutal.

"See you on the hi side" #21

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