Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I was two years old in 1962, and I admit I didn't know
who the Rams were then. It was about five years later
that I got bit by the Rams bug and have been a fan ever

Great times back in the late 60's, Roman Gabriel, the
"Fearsome Foursome" etc...

But 1962 was an awful year. The Rams started 0-6.
Sound familiar? This 2007 Rams team has tied the
1962 Rams for the worst start in franchise history.

With the Seahawks coming up this weekend, I have
to believe they will set a new record.

Looking at the game against the Ravens, I can't fault
the defense for this pitiful run at the record book. The
Rams held Baltimore to 248 total yards. The defense
also held the Ravens to under 100 yards rushing. 77
rushing yards on 31 attempts for a 2.5 yards per carry
average, is more than respectable. The Rams were
plagued by the Frerotte disease. Gus had a disastrous
day, and turned the ball over 6 times. You can't blame
the defense for that abortion.

The Rams defense held their ground and limited the
Ravens offense to one touchdown and five Matt Stover
field goals. It could have been much worse than the 22
points the Ravens scored.

The Seattle game is in Seattle this week, so the Rams
will be fighting a hostile crowd. Let's just hope they fight
off the hostile ghosts of 1962.

"See you on the hit side" #21

~Cromwell's Corner~

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