Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halfway There

Well the Rams season is officially half way over, and it has been one to forget.

At 0-8 the Rams have had their worst start in their history. At the beginning
of the season I had them going 10-6 and making the play-offs. Now it looks
like the only chance of winning anything is beating the Miami Dolphins for
the first pick in next years draft.

Everyone was happy to see Steven Jackson return to the starting lineup against
Cleveland, but one man does not make a team.

"The injured Rams" as they have been called all year,lost another offensive
lineman (Incognito) which left the Rams with only one, day one starter on
the offensive line. That will always hurt the best of teams.

The defense had another day of miscues and misfortune. The Rams defense
again allowed over 100 yards rushing. The Browns had 132 yards for a 4.6
average per carry. You can't allow that in the NFL.

To make matters worse, the Rams defense allowed Derek Anderson to throw
for 248 yards and 3 touchdowns. Derek Anderson will not make the hall of fame,
but the Rams defense will make anyone look like they can.

Watching the game, I couldn't find one bright spot on the Rams defense.
They played awful.

Well, the season is halfway there, so the misery of this season is getting
closer to the end. I guess that is a bright spot.

"See you on the hit side"#21
~Cromwell's Corner~

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