Monday, October 26, 2009

Knew It Was Coming

All right Rams fans, we are at 17 straight losses.

The Rams lost yesterday 42-6 at home against the Indianapolis Colts. The 17 losses in a row ties the record for 6th longest losing streak in the history of the NFL.

We knew the Rams didn't have a chance. Peyton Manning (in my opinion) is the best quarterback in the NFL. With their high powered offense and the Rams nonexistent offense, Rams fans knew the outcome before the kickoff.

Peyton didn't need all of his weapons yesterday. The Colts had a balanced attack with Peyton throwing for 3 Td's and they racked up 156 yards on the ground while averaging 6 yards a carry. What can you say?

The Rams tried to stay in the game until their first drive fizzled and they had to settle for a Josh Brown field goal. It was 21-6 Indy at the half, with no chance for the Rams to come back.

The Rams gave up 391 total yards. Actually that's not bad considering the Colts have shown they can score at will this season. It was like watching your two best friends play each other. You wanted it to be closer than it was, but were thankful it wasn't worse.

The Colts took their foot off the throttle, they could have scored 75 points. As sad as that is, the Rams have another concern on the defensive side. Here is an interesting stat. In the three home games this year the Rams have been outscored 116-33. No defense, no offense.

I actually was supposed to go to the game (I had tickets), but something came up and I couldn't go. I am thankful that I didn't drive the eleven hours and spend all that money for a hotel, beers and food. Even though I am a die hard Rams fan, I knew what was coming, and I am glad I wasn't there in person to witness that game.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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