Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Goose Egg

When was the last time you can remember when the Rams were shut out twice in the same season? I can't remember, I couldn't find that stat anywhere, and I am glad I couldn't find it.

Every game you hope that the Rams will turn it around and get a victory.

On Sunday the Rams found new ways to lose to the 49er's and got shut out 35-0.

Looking at the final score, you would think that it was the defense that gave the game away. Actually the Rams found new ways to lose a game. A fumble recovery in the end zone, a pick for six, another fumble scooped up and taken for a touchdown. 21 points on three turnovers. That will kill any team in the NFL, but it has a devastating effect on a team psychologically.

The Rams defense only gave up 228 total yards. That is a good day in the NFL. I can't fault them at all in their performance. Once again it was the Rams anemic offense that did it. 82 yards passing for the game? Really??!? I can't remember ANY NFL team to end up with under 100 yards passing. Add 10 penalties and the 3 turnovers and what you have is a sloppy attempt to play a football game.

If I was Steven Jackson, I would be screaming right now. He is the best player on the team and he ran for almost as much as the Rams threw for.

Next week the Rams play the Vikings, Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson. Personally I have more respect for the Vikings defense than I do for the 49er's defense. I just hope the third time is not a charm. I would like to see them play a respectable game. I don't want to see the Rams get another goose egg.

"See you on the hit side"#21

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