Monday, November 30, 2009

Same Story, Same Ending

I actually had high hopes of the Rams winning a game this weekend.

The Seattle Seahawks came to St. Louis on Sunday. The Seahawks were a little banged up, and had lost 5 straight road games.

The Rams gave another one away and lost 27-17.

I try to understand the philosophy of the Rams new coaching staff, and I have patience with them. Marc Bulger was hurt and the start went to Kyle Boller. Boller threw a touchdown pass, but was intercepted twice, with one of the picks going 65 yards for a Seattle touchdown. Again it was a big play like the pick six that ruins the Rams chances to win.

Here's a novel idea, give the third stringer and rookie Keith Null a shot at quarterback. How do you really know what you have unless you play him? Who knows, you could have another Kurt Warner waiting in the wings. It's not like the Rams have a shot at the playoffs, so go ahead and play him.

As for the Rams defense, same old thing, they can make anyone look good against them. Justin Forsett ran for a career high 130 yards and had two touchdowns. The Rams defense made him look like an all pro.

Leonard Little had the best quote of the day describing the Rams defensive effort. He said "Yeah, that was a step backward." I agree with you Leonard.

Some interesting facts from Sunday's game. The Seattle Seahawks have beaten the Rams 10 times in a row. The loss was the Rams 11th straight at home. Yesterday's attendance was 47,475, the worst attendance ever in the 15 years since the Rams moved to St. Louis. Even the 47,475 fans that were there knew they were going to be watching the same story with the same ending.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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