Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can Haslett Do It?

In two days the Rams open their training camp, and the 
depression of winter is brushed away in an instant. Rams
football is back.

Training camp is a long process, as all fans know. It
is time to evaluate rookies and free agents and re-evaluate
veterans coming back. I was excited when Jim Haslett signed
on to be our defensive coordinator last year. I also realized
he had a lot of work to do and things to learn about the
personnel he had acquired.

I did not envy him in his new role, I almost pitied him.
One of the first articles I wrote for Planet Rams, was
"Stop the Run". The Rams did a horrible job of that last
year. But, I have faith. Rams fans always have faith at the
beginning of a season, and this one is no different.

If you look at Hasletts' past coaching records, one in
particular stands out. When he was the defensive coordinator
at Pittsburgh in 1997, they were number one in the league
against the rush that year. I'm not saying that he can make that
happen this year, but it gives me hope.

With the draft, acquisitions and the veterans all pulling together,
and learning
Hasletts system, they should be much improved
this year.

So Rams fans, can Haslett do it? Have faith and patience Rams
fans, I think he can.

"See you on the hit side" #21

~Cromwell's Corner~

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