Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well Rams fans, it is the same old song. The St. Louis Rams played the Arizona Cardinals in St. Louis on Sunday. The outcome was the same, another Rams loss, 23-20. 

The Rams defense again let the game get away from them. Arizona’s starting QB Kevin Kolb was still hurt so the Cardinals started John Skeldon. The Rams should have known that he was not the threat this week. They were right. Skeldon ended up 12 of 23 for 144 yards. The Rams picked him off twice and sacked him three times. That was the good news for the Rams defense. The bad news is even though they knew the Cardinals couldn’t pass they had to stop the run. Well that didn’t happen at all. Beenie Wells had a career day rushing the ball. He set a Cardinal franchise record in yards with 228 yards on 27 carries. That is 8.4 yards a carry, which high school teams are used to giving up, not pro teams. The Rams knew what was coming, but couldn’t come close to stopping it. 

The Rams special teams also didn’t fare well. They allowed another punt return for a touchdown from Patrick Peterson of 80 yards. That’s right, the same Patrick Peterson that returned one 99 yards in overtime for the win against the Rams a few weeks back. I guess you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. 

I did hear an interesting statistic on one of the pregame shows. They stated the Rams had 18 players on injured reserve. That’s one third of the Rams team. I can’t fault Spags for that, or the coaching staff. They are playing with what they have. I would hope that the Rams players start playing with a little more pride & enthusiasm. We’ll see what happens this week. I just wonder what records will be broken this week when the Rams play the 49er’s?


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