Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Close One

Patience is a virtue so they say. Two weeks into the NFL season, it seems that this reflects the play of the Rams. 

The first game against Philadelphia showed Rams fans a glimmer of hope. Some good plays on defense and unfortunately, some big plays that they gave up. The Eagles have a balanced and explosive offense. I was not that upset when the Rams lost. 

Going into last night’s game, I had a more confident feeling for the Rams defense. I’ve never been a big Eli Manning fan and I was hoping that he would prove me right. The Rams played tough. They picked Eli off in the first half and took an early 3 point lead. Watching the game unfold, I started feeling as if the Rams were snake bit. Especially on offense. 

The defense played well enough to win the game. They held the Giants to 300 total yards. The Giants had 119 on the ground and Eli had 181 with two touchdowns and a pick. One of his TD passes was Domenik Hixon which was an acrobatic catch, it will make the highlight film for the year. It was well defended, just a great catch by their wide out. The Rams had a mixture of defenses. They covered well, had a great pass rush and ended up sacking Eli three times. 

The Rams have their hands full with the Ravens this upcoming week. The Ravens are coming off an upset loss to the Titans. They will be fired up against the Rams. I have hope that the Rams play them well, and will win the game. I think it will end up being another close one.

“See you on the hit side” #21

~Cromwell's Corner~

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