Monday, September 14, 2009

Game On

The Rams traveled to Seattle yesterday to play the first game of the 2009 season. Who showed up? Not the Rams we expected, or was it the Rams we expected? The Rams were in their uniforms, but weren't there mentally.

Big plays again killed the Rams. Julius Jones had 117 yards rushing against the Rams defense, which included a 62 yard TD run. Another 100 yard game against them, sounds familiar doesn't it? The Rams defense got torched for 446 total yards, 167 on the ground.

This was not the real story of this game. The Rams got shut out 28-0. It was the Rams first shut out since 1998.

I saw some interesting facts on the Rams I'd like to share. The Rams have lost 11 straight games now. The Rams have scored 16 or less points in the last 13 of 17 games. I preach about defense all the time, but this is a two sided coin. You have to put up points to win games! It is so difficult to get shut out in the NFL nowadays. Even the Lions put up 27 in their defeat yesterday. The Rams are in for a very long season if they can't score. The defense will wear down from being on the field all the time. It is a spiral that only goes downwards.

The Rams players need to get a gut check and suck it up. This isn't preseason any longer, this is for real. Game on, these games count.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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