Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Staff is Coming Together

The Rams are tweaking and adding to the new coaching staff. Since naming Pat Shurmer offensive coordinator and Ken Flajole defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo has added a few more pieces to the coaching puzzle.

Head coaches and coordinators always get more press than other coaches. It's like any other business, the ones at the top get the headlines, good or bad.

The Rams have hired Paul Ferraro from the Minnesota Vikings as their new special teams coach. This area needs just as much attention as the defensive side of the ball. The Rams have also hired Dick Curl as asst. offensive and quarterbacks coach. Hopefully he can calm Bulger down.

They have also added Frank Leonard as their tight end coach. Spagnuolo said "all three are exactly what we are looking for. All are of high character and all about team. We feel very fortunate to add to our staff great teachers with tremendous experience." The Rams have also Charlie Baggett as their receivers coach. He has 10 years of NFL experience & has had a 1000 yard receiver in 9 of those ten years. The down side is that he took the place of one of my all time favorite Rams, Henry Ellard. Ellard has moved on and joined the Jets staff.

Steve Loney has been retained as offensive line coach. I don't envy his job at all. last year he worked with a banged up group, & (I have a feeling) he will be working with a lot of new faces very soon.

Most Rams fans might not care about all of these new faces. I take an interest in it because it starts to mold the new attitude of the Rams and I believe the staff is coming together.

"See you on the hit side" #21

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