Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Win

Two in a row? There were some interesting things that happened late Sunday in San Francisco. First of all the Rams won their second game in a row, to improve to 2-8. Secondly, the Niners lost their 8th in a row.

I never thought the Rams would be tied for last place in our division with the way they started at 0-8. How did that happen?

The Rams played sloppy on offense, but well on defense. The Rams didn't allow 100 total yards until the 4th quarter. It came down to an interception in the last minute at our goaline to insure the victory. Call it a nail biter.

When you hear Bulger say "It's became pretty evident in the third quarter that they were going to struggle to score, and we were going to put it on our defense." Say what?

Am I hearing that right? The starting quarterback of the once known
greatest show on turf, is relying on the defense to win the game?

How things have changed in Ramsville. We almost blew it Mr. Bulger. Haslett loves going to the prevent defense, and in the last two games it has almost cost the Rams the win.

The Rams stuffed Frank Gore for 32 yards on 15 carries. The Rams sacked Dilfer 3 times. The Rams had 2 interceptions. But
the Rams allowed two long drives in the last 4 minutes that almost cost the game.

If the Rams are deciding to let the defense win the game, we better
buckle up for a hell of a ride. Because if that is what is going to happen, it might be a long time before the Rams see another win.

"See You on the hit side" #21

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